Technical Department

Design Office (Naval Architects)

This office is responsible for the complete hull design of the ship, including the power required to propel the vessel to comply with the owners’ Maritime & Coastguard Agency and Classification Society’s requirements. The following list is typical of the technical input of this department:-


General Arrangement Plan

Lines and Offsets (a table of dimensions to produce the ships lines.

Scantlings (the thickness of the steel plate, steel sections and beams)

Midship Section and Deep Frames)

Stability calculations

Calculation of hull weight

Ballast Plan

Building Berth Block and Way layout

Launching calculations

Sea Trial program and Report

Hull Drawing Office

On recipt of the Design Office output, it is the Drawing Office which turns this information into a comprehensive production package, meeting the Customers and the Classification Society’s Requirements.

Detailed Drawings are produced for every item to be worked on or installed on the ship. The larger being,

Detailed Steel Plans of the Double Bottoms, Bow and Stern, Decks, Frames and Watertight Bulkheads, Individual plates delineated on a Shell Expansion Plan. Accommodation Plans, Rigging Plans, Scuppers and Drains Plan, Fire and Washdeck Plan, Fire Fighting Plan and Navigating Lighting etc.


These in turn generate:-

Material lists for procurement (Steel)

Painting Specifications and estimates of quantities required

Furniture arrangements and lists

Piping Systems material lists

Navigating Equipment specifications

Deck handling Equipment lists

Lists of Safety Equipment (Life boats, Flares etc.)


These drawings and lists are circulated to the various offices and departments as required to order the material, cut and assemble sections etc.:-


1/10th Scale loft

Engine Drawing Office

Electrical Drawing Office

Planning Department


The Production Departments:-


Platers                  Coppersmiths

Burners                Painters

Welders               Carpenters

Markers                Joiners

Plumbers              Engineers

Riggers                Blacksmiths

Electrical Design Office

Electrical Drawing Office

1/10th Scale Loft

Print Room

Estimating Office (for the Shipyard)

Electrical Estimating Office

Planning Department

Quality Control