Design Office

Engineering Design Office


At the quotation stage the E.D.O. would prepare a Proposed Machinery Arrangement, Proposed Piping System Diagrams, work towards a Contract Specification and produce an Instrumentation Schedule. All must obtain the approval of the Customer and Classification Society involved.


These are ongoing, until an order has been received, after which the various items must be approved and accepted, as soon as possible, as Contract Documents and released to the various Departments directly concerned to produce Detailed Working Drawings for the Construction of the Ship.


The office handles any technical calculations etc. required by any of the other departments. The main work of the E.D.O. is to design the propeller, order and check it on receipt, calculate shafting sizes to comply with Torsional Vibration calculations to Classification Rules. Conduct both Engine Shop Trials and Sea Trials, compile the results into a report for reference aboard ship. Various Commissioning Schedules are produced and completed e.g. for demonstrating the monitoring instrumentation for Classification Society and Owners approval.

There was a culture of aftercare, previous contracts were encouraged to send in engine parameters for scrutiny and advice. Finally, the department gave hands on assistance to the outside squads during commissioning etc.


On a personal note, when asked to write a C.V. which at the time I objected to, I filled in my job description as follows:-

“Anything anyone else can’t or won’t do.” – it did not get a wild reception!

Over the years, I became Scotts’ Instrumentation Squad for four B.P. Tankers, commissioned the Drilling Machinery on the Two Drillships and latterly became the Ballast Engineer on a Semi-Submersible for B.P. Each time I started from Scratch with no previous experience – thus went the duties of the Design Office.

Willie Kane