Launch of Hoverbarge

The launch of HOVERBARGE, a non-propelled hover barge capable of carrying up to 200 tonnes, from Ferguson Shipbuilders at Port Glasgow, Scotland, on 22 January 2008.

The basic concept of the hoverbarge is to provide a low-tech, amphibious solution for accessing sites using typical equipment found in their area, such as diesel engines, ventilating fans, winches and marine equipment. The air cushion vehicle (ACV) displaces the same amount of water when hovering, or floating as a normal vessel. It continues to perfrom as a displacement vessel until it reaches a critical speed while hovering, and once it has passed the hump speed will lift out of the water and skim over the water’s surface. The power required to do this can be enormous as the power v drag curve, once a speed of 6-7 knots has been passed, is exponential.