Cowal Engineering

The Cowal Engineering Co.

Started in Tarbet Street Gourock, Purchased by the Swire Group,  shareholders of Scott's SB & E, in the late 1960s early 1970s and incorporated into Inchgreen Engineering. Inchgreen in turn grew out of John S Thompson, local politician and business man.

The main products of the Cowal were initially patented Swivel gears for the opening of tanker hatches, then later Oil and chemical tanker hatch coamings complete ready to be welded into place in the vessel's deck.

Other Cowal products were Hydraulically operated engine room hatch covers,

 Adaptors to fit inside overboard discharges to allow connection of pipes to shore facilities for water , sewerage, bilge discharged etc., while vessels are in dry dock,

Hydraulically operated whistle actuators.

As a matter of interest the QE 2 has a set of pipe adaptors and a whistle gear for emergency use. Sometime among all of this Cowal was renamed due to the purchase of Mitchell Plumbers located around where Tesco's carpark now is.

Company now known as Mitchell Swire.

Many more products were added to the range.Eventually